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Cringer (USA)

punk rock band from Hawaii that included Lance Hahn from J Church, among others. Named after a talking cat from the cartoon He-Man, it existed from Summer 1985 to Fall 1991.


Split cassette with Scarred For Life (AOK)
"We're All AOK" cassette (AOK)
"The Vinegar Tasters" cassette (AOK)
"Ed's Song" on "We Got Party" compilation LP (Mystic)
"Perversion Is Their Destiny" 7" (Vinyl Communications)
"Triangle" and "Take Back The Night" on "Exclusion" compilation LP (Nabate)
"Take Back The Night" on "Metal Gives Us A Headache" compilation 7" (Hippycore)
"Zen Flesh, Zen Bones" 7" (Vinyl Communications)
"Cottleston Pie" on "The Thing That Ate Floyd" compilation double LP (Lookout Records)
"Tikki Tikki Tembo…" LP (Vinyl Communications)
"Pay To Play" on "They Don't Get Paid…" LP (Maximum Rock N Roll)
"Karin" 7" (Lookout Records)
"Hooked On Junk" on "Things I Stole" 7" (Lintfit)
"For The Workers" on "Sasquatch" double 7" (Kirbdog)
Split 7" with Hopeful Monsters (Hippycore)
"Burn Down The Forest" on "More Songs About Plants And Trees" compilation 7" (Allied)
"Razors" on "Brouhaha" compilation 7" (Piggly Wiggly / Broken Rekids)
"Time For A Little Something" 7" (Vinyl Communications)
"Despair Ends" on "The Big One" compilation LP (Flipside)
Split 7" with Holy Rollers (Shred Of Dignity)
"Rain" 7" (Vinyl Communications)

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