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Larissa Strickland

† Oct. 09, 2006 (aged 46)
Larissa Strickland † Oct. 09, 2006

Birth name
Larissa Stolarchuk

* Mar. 18, 1960
New Castle, Philadelphia, USA

† Oct. 09, 2006
North Port, Florida, USA

Cause of Death
Details are sketchy, but Strickland apparently overdosed on Xanax, a medication which was prescribed to her.

Related Bands
L-Seven (Vocals)
Laughing Hyenas (Guitar)

Larissa Strickland was the lead singer in early 80ís Detroit band L-Seven (not the same Band as L7!), but is better known as the guitarist for the Laughing Hyenas.

Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

OscarBullFrog (america)
Larissa Stolarchuk / Strickland - 46 and gone-DAMN-it Current mood:sbsolutely sick and shitty Category: Friends i just learned of this tragedy in the past couple days. (15Feb07) it's made me ill for those couple days and will probably make me ill again when i think of Larissa's untimely passing - and i will. Larissa had a life before music - art - and it earned her full-access-backstage photo passes to the *first* KISS tour at Cobo hall (Detroit,MI). Cream mag printed her pic w/KISS backstage. Larissa was then a sophomore in h.s. (iirc). on the next monday southfield highschool went berzerkerz. Larissa moved to NY to do art for Casablanca and/or KISS for a while. Last time we saw each other was when she came over to my place in A2 totally lonely - abandoned. this is very difficult for me to write, i think you understand. all she ever wanted was to 'be part of,' 'to be included IN' - and all the guys had run away that night (late summer 1995). from my perspective Larissa contributed far more quality and quantity to art and music with her energy and her magic than she got credit for and she was feeling abused and left out more and more often. she needed to be noticed. now i feel lonely, totally lonely. i'm happy to hear she got married. i hope that was a GoodThing (tm) for her. good night sweet princess; better dreams this time, i hope.

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