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† (aged 46)
Stevo †

Birth name
Steven Ronald Jensen


Maui, Hawaii, USA

Cause of Death
Stevo passed away at his home on the island of Maui due to causes that seem unknown. Rumors say he either died by accident, overdosed on pills that were prescribed for the pain from two busted-up arms and a bad back, or that he commited suicide. There might be a link to the fact, that Stevo was in a law-suit against his former band-colleague Joe Escalante about royalties for songs of the Vandals which was used in commercials and movies without his knowledge and permission.

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Vandals (Vocals)

Stevo was the singer of the californian Punk-Rock-Band the Vandals from 1980 through 1984, appearing on the band's first two full-length albums, "Peace Through Vandalism" and "When In Rome Do As The Vandals". Later on he lived on the island of Maui (Hawaii) and worked as a masseuse. Apparently he had no desire to sing again.

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Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

motisbeard (USA)
Stevo WAS very unhappy about Joe Escalante's shameless and decades-long campaign of theft and legal terrorism, but he was not a suicide. He didn't die of an overdose, he died because of interaction between his prescribed pain pills and alcohol. In some of the last conversations he had with old friends on the phone he indicated a deep unhappiness with what Joe did to him; it was still eating him up all these years later. . . but he WASN'T suicidal.

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