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Witt Drawls

† Dec. 15, 2005 (aged 38)
Witt Drawls † Dec. 15, 2005

Birth name
Witt Katherman

* Nov. 09, 1967

† Dec. 15, 2005

Related Bands
Acadoos (Guitar)
Big Bobby & The Nightcaps (Guitar)
M-80's (Guitar)

Witt Drawls was a Rock and Roll genius who hailed from Norfolk Virginia. As the driving force behind the legendary Garage Punk band The M-80's, He was known for his over the top guitar performances but could also lay down a hell of melodic pop or country tune.

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WittDrawls (USA)
Hey Big Bobby here, Witt's brother and curator of the Witt Drawls Archive. Just wanted to say thanks for adding Witt to the site. He would have been honored to be listed here with some many of his heros. Check out Witt Drawls' Music on the garagePunk Hideout:

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