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Lance Hahn

† Oct. 21, 2007 (aged 40)
Lance Hahn † Oct. 21, 2007

† Oct. 21, 2007
Austin, Texas, USA

Cause of Death
Died due to complications from kidney disease.

Related Bands
Cringer (Guitar/Vocals)
J Church (Guitar/Vocals)

Lance was a longstanding member of the punk community and leader of Texas-based punks J Church. In addition to his work in J Church, Hahn played with Hawaii-based punks Cringer for most of the 1980s, and even moonlighted on guitar with Beck in 1994. Hahn, in addition to his strictly musical pursuits, owned and ran Honey Bear Records, was a frequent contributor to the venerated Maximum Rock'n'Roll magazine, published the Some Hope and Some Despair zine, and was working on a book on anarchist punk history at the time of his death.

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