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Brandon Possible

† Dec. 17, 2004 (aged 24)
Brandon Possible † Dec. 17, 2004

Birth name
Brandon Chevalier-Kolling

* Mar. 01, 1980
New Jersey, USA

† Dec. 17, 2004
Dallas, Texas, USA

Cause of Death
Brandon died in his sleep at a Dallas hotel after a Leftover Crack show at the Red Blood club.

Related Bands
Leftover Crack (Drums)
X-Possibles (Drums)

Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

clandestiney (lndn)
Vibrant loving creature, knew the best in people, knew how to live, knew what life was made of. He's out there, keeping it real, his energy lives on to inspire and remind us all to stay true to the spirit of possibility, adventure, and fun :) Love you man. You were a true hero of mine.

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