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Arthur "Killer" Kane

† Jul. 13, 2004 (aged 55)
Arthur "Killer" Kane † Jul. 13, 2004

Birth name
Arthur Kane

* Feb. 04, 1949

† Jul. 13, 2004
Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of Death
Just 22 days after the New York Dolls reunion concert, Kane thought he had caught the flu in London, and checked himself in to a Los Angeles emergency room, complaining of fatigue. He was quickly diagnosed with leukaemia, and died within two hours.

Related Bands
Corpse Grinders (Bass)
Idols (Bass)
Killer Kane Band (Bass/Vocals)
New York Dolls (Bass)
Sid Vicious (Bass)

Kane was a musician and librarian best known as the bassist for the pioneering glam punk band the New York Dolls.

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VioletBlac (United States)
Great, kindhearted guy.

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