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Dave Bateman/ POX

† Dec. 11, 2007 (aged 46)
Dave Bateman/ POX † Dec. 11, 2007

Birth name
Dave Bateman

* Dec. 10, 1961
Bristol, England

† Dec. 11, 2007
Fuengirola, Spain

Cause of Death
Dave fell and sustained a head injury and was rushed to hospital but died the next day, just a few days before his 46th birthday.

Related Bands
Chaotic dischord (Guitar)
Vice Squad (Guitar)
VICE SQUAD- Chaotic dischord (Guitar)

Dave Bateman was a founder member, guitarist and songwriter of british punk band VICE SQUAD.

Bateman also was founder of the punk record label RIOT CITY records to produce Vice squad's albums.
***Riot City went on the produce other bands,
like chaos uk, the expelled, abrasive wheels, chaotic dischord (another Bateman project), Varukers, etc...

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milo1881 (spain)
your songs will be great forever!!!!

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