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† Jul. 09, 2011 (aged 61)
Würzel † Jul. 09, 2011

Birth name
Michael Burston

* Oct. 23, 1949
Cheltenham, England

† Jul. 09, 2011

Cause of Death
Ventricular fibrillation triggered by cardiomyopathy.

Related Bands
Disgust (Additional Guitars)
Motörhead (Guitar)
Splodgenessabounds (Guitar)
Warfare (Additional Guitars)
Warhead (Additional Guitars)
WVKEAF (Guitar)

Würzel is most known for playing guitar in Motörhead from 1984 to 1995 and recording on some of their more famous tracks including the anthem "Killed by Death". While he was in the band Motörhead was a four piece band, after he departed they reverted to being a three piece band and have remained so ever since. Würzel played in several other bands during and after his stint with Motörhead. These bands included; Punk Pathetique band Splodgenessabounds, The crossover thrash bands Warhead & Warfare, and the Crust/grind band Disgust.
He is survived by his partner Jem

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