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Bob Noxious

† Dec. 24, 2008
Bob Noxious † Dec. 24, 2008

† Dec. 24, 2008

Cause of Death
Liver failure

Related Bands
Fuck-Ups (Vocals)

Bob Noxious was the bane of the early 80's scene. Disliked by all, including other bands, labels, fanzines and even his own band. He was known for attacking other singers of bands. He attacked Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat on their 83' tour.

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gene_perfect (USA)
I read a review of The Fuck-Ups' 7" E.P. "FU82" and mailed a money order for it, I believe it was Subterranean Records. Hardcore thrash had become the order of the day in late '82-early '83 and i thought The Fuck-Ups' slower, mid-tempo style of Punk Rock very refreshing. I saw them livd at the Twilite Room in Dallas in '85, opening for Aggression. Bob was on crutches, not sure why. They were KILLER.

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