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† Sep. 11, 1997
Raybeez † Sep. 11, 1997

Birth name
Raymond Barbieri

† Sep. 11, 1997
New York City, NY, USA

Cause of Death

Related Bands
Agnostic Front (Drums)
Skinhead Youth (Vocals)
Warzone (Vocals)

After a stint as drummer for hardcore punk band Agnostic Front, Ray “Raybeez” Barbieri went on to help form New York cult favorites, Warzone. The band formed in 1982, with Barbieri being the only original member to stay with the band until is untimely death in 1997. A Navy veteran, he was admitted to a VA hospital where he died while being treated from pneumonia. Fans and friends claim the inadequate facility was to blame for his surprising death.
Raybeez was known for encouraging unity in the NYHC scene, opposing racism, and supporting all ages shows.

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