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Ari Up

† Oct. 20, 2010 (aged 48)
Ari Up † Oct. 20, 2010

Birth name
Arianna Forster

* Jan. 17, 1962
Munich, Germany

† Oct. 20, 2010

Cause of Death
Up succumbed to an undisclosed "serious illness".

Related Bands
Slits (Vocals)

Up formed the influential British punk band the SLITS when she was only 14 years old. Her stepfather was Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols.

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Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

stac3163 (United States)
Total fucktard. Really, you have kids and you just decide to avoid tx for cancer. Yeah how PUNK are U.
Iron_Paul (United States)
Great gal... tons of energy... Great band, too.

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