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Andy Stillion

† Jul. 11, 2010

Andy Stillion † Jul. 11, 2010

† Jul. 11, 2010
Farne Islands, England

Cause of Death
Stillion collapsed on a boat trip with his girlfriend to the Farne Islands.

Related Bands
Aheads (Vocals)

Stllion was singer of the legendary German Punk band AHEADS, formed in 1978.

Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

menelecjoe (United Kingdom)
Andy was one of those special people that would remember you from years ago in his life, he always made time for the people he cared about and as a friend and as a Father I miss him still daily. For all those that have left comments and wishes both here and on other sites, thank you. Andy was one of kind and will always be missed. You can send his son (me) a message if your ever down London way (i run a computer repair shop here now) peace to you, Joe
Tee (usa)
Andy and I were great freinds in the early 90,s. I only just heard of his passing recently. I will always remember you freind. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of Nena or Josef his wife and son, I would love to know. Peace borter. I am so sorry I lost contact with you..Tee
TaffJ (Australia)
I worked with Andy when we were both over in Germany in the British Army, I only found out about his death recently. RIP mate.

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