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Karlos Kabellero

† Sep. 22, 2009

Karlos Kabellero † Sep. 22, 2009

† Sep. 22, 2009
Lancaster, California, USA

Cause of Death
Karlos passed away of heart related issues around 4pm at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California.

Related Bands
Dickies (Drums)

Kabellero, a native New Yorker who later moved to California, was the original drummer for legendary US punk rock band THE DICKIES. Karlos hit upon the idea of calling the band after a shirt that was in vogue during the Sixties, otherwise they would have called the band The Imbeciles.

It has been said that his drumming was sloppy, speeding up and slowing down, and during his latter days in the band the intention was to use Karlos for live shows and Chuck for studio work.

He is survived by his brother, Israel Caballero and wife Joni.

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