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Peter Steele

† Apr. 14, 2010 (aged 48)
Peter Steele † Apr. 14, 2010

Birth name
Petrus T. Ratajczyk

* Jan. 04, 1962
Brooklyn, NY

† Apr. 14, 2010

Cause of Death
Heart Failure

Related Bands
Carnivore (Vocals & Bass)

Peter Steele was the singer and bass player of a crossover thrash band from NYC called Carnivore.
Carnivore were important in their blend of fusing thrash and hardcore punk. Their use of shock value was also of note, their lyrics were often on very tabboo subjects and they threw raw meat into their crowds.
After Carnivore disbanded Steele found fame as the front man of gothic metal band Type O Negative.

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Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

El_Jagang (Canada)
He was the inspiration for the song \"Adora Vivos\" by Canadian metal band Woods of Ypres. Band founder David \"Ypres\" Gold (R.I.P.) said at the time that he hated the hipocrisy from fans who gushed about how much they loved Steele and his music. His stance was \"Well why didn\'t you show that love when he was still alive?\"

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