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Marian Anderson

† Nov. 04, 2001 (aged 33)
Marian Anderson † Nov. 04, 2001

* Aug. 13, 1968

† Nov. 04, 2001

Cause of Death
Heroin Overdose

Related Bands
Insaints (Vocals)
Thrillkillers (Vocals)

Marian Anderson was the singer for 90's San Fransisco punk band The Insaints. Marian was known not only for her singing, but also for her sexually charged stage show. And that she was the only person to outshock GG Allin in a concert with him.

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Typhas23 (United States)
Your words are profound, Your beauty was mesmerizing, Your act was breathtaking and shocking, Your life was heartbreaking and inspiring, You are missed, Rest in Peace

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