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† Sep. 01, 2008

TerrorMike † Sep. 01, 2008

Birth name
Michael Tilsner

† Sep. 01, 2008
Hannover, Germany

Cause of Death
Mike was chained to a wheelchair since birth. He passed away from a heartattack related to his disease.

Tilsner was running the label "Terrorrecords" and released records by punk/hardcore bands like MISSING IN ACTION, UNGUNST, MURDER DISCO X, NOT REALLY and more. He also organized punk concerts and parties.

He was chained to a wheelchair since birth (which did not stop him from joining the pit with his electric wheelchair slamming into people and make his "Zivi" feed him beer thru' a straw). Doctors told his parents he would never make it over 8. Well he hit 30 and more.

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