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Erika "Crumbly" Hynes

† Apr. 01, 2009 (aged 37)

Erika "Crumbly" Hynes † Apr. 01, 2009

Birth name
Erika Hynes

* May. 23, 1971
Rockford, Illinois, USA

† Apr. 01, 2009

Cause of Death
Erika passed away after a long illness.

Erika was the co-founder of LITTLE TYPE, a punk rock mail order. She was one of those rare individuals able to elicit warm feelings from virtually everyone who encountered her. During her years at LOOKOUT RECORDS and later with LITTLE TYPE, she dealt with thousands of people, lending a personal touch to what might otherwise have been a mundane commercial transaction. But while enclosing handwritten notes or “extras” like stickers, posters or fanzines might have been good for business, it never came across as contrived or calculated. Erika so obviously enjoyed making people happy, to the point where many of her customers thought of her more as a friend than as “that lady who sends me my mail orders.” As BEN WEASEL said in a tribute read at Erika’s memorial service, “In 18 years I’ve never heard anyone say a word against her. Not once.”

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