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Eliot Kidd

† Oct. 04, 1998 (aged 43)

Eliot Kidd † Oct. 04, 1998

Birth name
Elliot Cohen

* Oct. 04, 1955

† Oct. 04, 1998
Los Angeles, Ca, USA

Cause of Death
Liver transplant failure

Related Bands
Demons (Vocals/Guitar)

Eliot Kidd was the frontman of NYC based Glam/Punk/Powerpop band THE DEMONS and a friend of JOHNNY THUNDERS. He had a few quotes in \"Please Kill Me\", the book by Legs McNeil. One of his favorite ways to say see ya later was \"ten four, over and out\". ironically, October 4th was the date of his death and also his birthday.

Kidd was at Sid & Nancy\'s room the night Nancy was murdered. He swore to a friend, that he was the 2nd to last person to leave their room that night…

He went to jail for awhile, probably in the late \'80\'s or early \'90 for drug dealing. He must have died in the mid/late \'90\'s but it seems nobody knows the exact date.

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