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Marc Rude

† Mar. 14, 2002 (aged 48)
Marc Rude † Mar. 14, 2002

Birth name
Marc Hoffman

† Mar. 14, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Cause of Death
Complications due to a mispent youth.

A legend of underground art. Marc did a multitude of album, and CD covers, t-shirts, logos, posters, and everything one can possibly imagine to promote R&R. BATTALIAN OF SAINTS, LEGAL WEAPON, TEX, & THE HORSEHEADS, THE MISFITS, MURPHY'S LAW, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, GUNS & ROSES, HIRAX, LA GUNS, SONIC 13, BAD RELIGION, THE OFFSPRING, THE RINGLING SISTERS, THE LAME FLAMES, BAD BRAINS, THE LITTLE KINGS, MURDER/SUICIDE PACT, JEFF DAHL, SONNY VINCENT, and many, many more. BLAG DALIA from THE DWARVES and Marc did the book 'ARMED TO THE TEETH W/ LIPSTICK.' Blag wrote the text and Marc did all of the artwork. Marc was also a star of stage and screen. 'DUDES' is one of his many movies.

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