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Dominic Mallary

† Dec. 05, 2008 (aged 24)
Dominic Mallary † Dec. 05, 2008

Birth name
Dominic Owen Mallary

* Aug. 22, 1984

† Dec. 05, 2008
Boston, MA, USA

Cause of Death
Mallary had wrapped his microphone cord around his neck as part of his act, which temporarily stopped the blood flow to his brain. Mallary completed the show at Boston University and seemed fine for at least an hour or two, but after the last band played, he was feeling faint and couldn't feel his legs. At the hospital he started to go into seizures and he lost consciousness. Mallary was put on life support because he was unable breathe on his own, he was confirmed brain dead. Mallary died at 5:05 p.m. at Boston Medical Center.

Related Bands
Last Lights (Vocals)

Mallary grew up in Berlin and later in Worcester (MA). He was the lead singer, primary songwriter and lyricist of Worcester hardcore band LAST LIGHTS. He was playing guitar his whole life and he was an original songwriter. He was amazing in what he was able to do, not even just in singing and screaming, but dancing and jumping around at the same time. It's just weird to think that him doing what he apparently loved killed him.

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