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Ron Asheton

† Jan. 06, 2009 (aged 60)
Ron Asheton † Jan. 06, 2009

Birth name
Ronald Franklin „Ron“ Asheton, Jr.

* Jul. 17, 1948
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

† Jan. 06, 2009
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Cause of Death
Died of a reported heart attack on January 6th, 2009, having died several days earlier.

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Destroy All Monsters (Guitar)
Empty Set (Guitar)
New Order (Guitar)
New Race (Guitar)
Stooges (Guitar, Bass & Vocals)
Wylde Ratttz (Guitar)

Ron Asheton was the guitarist and bassist with Proto-Punk band IGGY POP & THE STOOGES.

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Memorial Comments [Add Comment]

jackdelicious (USA)
Super-seminal player died on New years day 2009. He very well may be responsible for more of modern rock guitar's sound than anyone... R.I.P. sorry I missed you.

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