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Peter Laughner

† Jun. 22, 1977 (aged 24)
Peter Laughner † Jun. 22, 1977

* Aug. 22, 1952
Cleveland, OH, USA

† Jun. 22, 1977
Bay Village, OH, USA

Cause of Death
He died in his sleep of acute pancreatitis brought on by years of drinking and drugging.

Related Bands
Pere Ubu (Guitar)
Rocket From The Tombs (Guitar & Vocals)

A major contributor to Cleveland's alternative rock scene in the mid-'70s, Laughner is best known for his work with Rocket From the Tombs as well as later forming Pere Ubu with Rockets sax/vocalist David Thomas. After years of drug abuse, it's said that Peter laid down his final tracks on a tape recorder at his parents house the night of his death. It's been released under the title "Nocturnal Digressions" and is available on the Handsome Productions label.
Bands: Mr. Charlie, Cinderella Backstreet, Peter & The Wolves, The Blue Drivers and Friction, Rocket From the Tomb (all guitar and vocals); Pere Ubu (guitar on first two singles only)

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