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Dave Blood

† Mar. 10, 2004 (aged 47)
Dave Blood † Mar. 10, 2004

Birth name
Dave Shulthise

* Sep. 16, 1956

† Mar. 10, 2004
North Salem, NY; USA

Cause of Death

Related Bands
Dead Milkmen (Bass)

Dave was the Bass player for the Dead Milkmen from conception. Dave had a strong interest in politics and the economy. He majored in Economics at Temple University. He had been studying for a Ph.D. in Economics at Purdue University but stopped his studies after deciding not to pursue a career in academia.

In 1995 after the Dead Milkmen disbanded, Dave attended Indiana University to study Serbo-Croatian language, literature, history, and culture. As with everything he did, he thrust himself passionately into his studies.
in 1998 he moved to Novi Sad, the second largest Serbian city, where he supported himself teaching English. He hoped to contribute to the country’s re-growth and development. He fled in April 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia. Dave continued to support Studenica and its charities.

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