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Kickboy Face

† Oct. 02, 1999 (aged 53)
Kickboy Face † Oct. 02, 1999

Birth name
Claude Bessy

* Oct. 21, 1945
Paris, France

† Oct. 02, 1999
Barcelona, Spain

Cause of Death
Cigarette induced lung cancer

Claude originally came to the U.S. from France in 1973 and was already writing incendiary diatribes by 1975 while working at a restaurant on the Santa Monica pier. Claude started L.A.'s first reggae magazine called Angeleno Dread before creating a larger home for his caustic voice with Slash Magazine, which he co-founded in May 1977. Claude was editor/writer of Slash and kept it going until he left the U.S. in October 1980. He left before the official premier of the 'Decline'. Claude spent some time working for Rough Trade Records in England. He also produced some music videos for the VIRGIN PRUNES and the FALL and did promotional work for NICK CAVE and SONIC YOUTH. Claude also produced a film on William S. Burroughs before moving to Spain in 1987, where he lived the rest of his life with his long-time love Philomena Winstanley-Bessy. Around 1991, Claude recorded two tracks with RAEO in Spain. These final emissions appear on this disc. Claude checked out of the hotel life in 1999.

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