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Rozz Williams

† Apr. 01, 1998 (aged 34)
Rozz Williams † Apr. 01, 1998

Birth name
Roger Alan Painter

* Nov. 06, 1963
Pomona, California, USA

† Apr. 01, 1998
West Hollywood, California, USA

Cause of Death
Suicide. Rozz was found by his roommate hanged in their apartment.

Related Bands
Asexuals (Vocals, Organ, Guitar)
Christian Death (Vocals)
Daucus Karota (Vocals)
Premature Ejaculation (Vocals)
Shadow Project (Vocals)

By the age of 16 Roger began performing in bands and took the name of Rozz Williams from a gravestone he found in his favorite cemetery.

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RatMusicPeople (USA)
I\'ll always remember his red Doc Martens, and Christian Death\'s first album. Both iconic.

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