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Johnny Thunders

† Apr. 23, 1991 (aged 38)
Johnny Thunders † Apr. 23, 1991

Birth name
John Anthony Genzale, Jr

* Jul. 15, 1952
New York City, NY, USA

† Apr. 23, 1991
New Orleans, LA, USA

Cause of Death
He apparently died of drug-related causes, but was it accidental or the result of foul play? Nobody knows...

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Gang War (Guitar/Vocals)
Heartbreakers (Vocals/Guitar)
New York Dolls (Lead Guitar)
Reign (Guitar)
Whores of Babylon (Guitar)

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trashcityrocker88 (Italia)
salute signor Genzale
WittDrawls (USA)
Rock & Roll Never Die!!!!

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