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André Schlesinger

† Feb. 03, 2016 (aged 54)
André Schlesinger † Feb. 03, 2016

Birth name
André Peter Schlesinger

† Feb. 03, 2016
New York City, NY, USA

Cause of Death
Heart failure

Related Bands
The Press (Vocals)

André Schlesinger was the singer of NYC Oi! band the Press. Forming in 1984, the Press were one of the earliest NYC Oi! bands. They were also founders of the Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice movement, playing the first S.H.A.R.P. gigs. They were also affiliated with early incarnations of R.A.S.H. In 1989 the press released a split album with The Radicts, considered by many to be their finest work. Their song \"21 Guitar Salute\" was covered by the Dropkick Murphys about a decade later.
The Press disbanded in 1994 and André became a prominent member of Anton La Vey\'s Church of Satan. When he wasn\'t working as a private investigator or drinking vodka he could often be found practicing the dark arts and witchcraft.
Later in his life Schlesinger also formed the band MANINBLACK which performed shows with bands like Blanks 77, the Wretched Ones, and others. They appeared on Gary Bushell\'s \"30 Years Of Oi! ...Never Surrender\" compilation in 2011.
Schlesinger died of complications stemming from heart failure in February 2016.

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